The fastest Olympian

Who is the fastest person in the world?  Who is the tallest?  Who is strongest?  Who is the best swimmer?  The best diver?  The most impressive team?

Sprinting legend Usain Bolt pictured in Brunel...

This is the fastest man in the world. Sprinting legend Usain Bolt pictured in Brunel University’s indoor athletics Centre. Usain used Brunel as a European training base prior to the 2009 Berlin Athletics World Championships. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use this page to compare your height and weight to the 2012 Olympians’.  Which athletes are taller than you?  Which are shorter?  Which are just as tall as you?

Check out these Olympic World Record statistics and a table of the medals won in the 2012 Olympics.

How many Olympic sports venues are in London?  How many trees were planted in the Olympic park?  What is the capacity of the Olympic stadium?  Look at this London 2012 By the Numbers animation.

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One Response to The fastest Olympian

  1. Spanish teacher says:

    I have the body of a Chilean cyclist… or a South Korean rower

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