Si Eu Te Pego in two languages

Volta Redonda-RJ

Michel Teló with a fan in concert. (Photo credit: Michel Teló)

Spanish and Latin American radio blew up with a catchy Michel Teló song this summer, a favorite of professional soccer players, old ladies, small children and everyone in between- even if, as Spanish speakers, they didn’t always understand the Portuguese words. The song even has its own dance.  Now, in case there was any doubt about what Miguel Tello was singing, there’s an English version.

Here’s the official Portuguese version, with Miguel serenading beautiful women at a concert.

The English version goes softer on the accordion and moves the beautiful women outdoors:

And if you prefer your hit songs bilingual, there’s a remix with, yes, Pitbull, that looks like it was shot on the set of a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

Which version do you prefer?

Update: Tracy over at Latinaish blogged about several Spanish versions of this song just a few weeks ago, so it looks like we’ll have to change the title of this post to “Si Eu Te Pego in THREE Languages” (and there are probably other covers out there on the internet waiting to be discovered). She has several Spanish covers of this song on her page. There a lesson plan about literary translation and how there is no one correct translation for anything– especially poetry and lyrics– in all these covers, just waiting to be written.  Here is our favorite Spanish version of the ones we’ve heard so far.

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