It’s easy to practice listening. Listen to music; listen to the dialogue on TV or in movies; listen to interviews on the news and on the internet. You don’t have to understand everything. Whether you’re listening actively or passively, your brain is becoming accustomed to the way English sounds. Practice listening and you will improve your speaking and comprehension.

English listening resources on the internet:

ELLO: English Listening Lesson Library Online. This website contains thousands of short audioclips of speakers with different accents.  There are quizes and games, too. You can download worksheets to go with simple audio clips about basic topic such as adjectives, body parts, and food.  These activities are appropriate for young learners.

ESL Pod. This website has podcasts about a variety of topics.  The English is slow and clear, usually slower than normal conversation speed.  Learning guides are available for download.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab. Test yourself with dozens of short listening quizzes and develop your listening skills.

NPR: National Public Radio from the United States.  Listen to and download podcasts of U.S. radio programs.

BBC: British Broadcasting Company.  Listen to and download podcasts of radio programs from the United Kingdom.  The BBC also has an excellent series for EFL students that includes audio, video, pronunciation practice, and more: BBC Learning English.

English listening practice on Bilinguish:

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